Student Voice wins awards at JACC

Agustin Garcia

Moorpark College's Student Voice came home with four statewide awards after attending the annual Journalism Association of Community Colleges annual conference and competition in Sacramento April 9-11. The conference included...  Read More »

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Greg Beckley is at campus police department, where he was heading to before he saved a women from a train. Photo credit: Agustin Garcia

Greg Beckley springs into action

March 31, 2015

Campus Police Supervisor Lt. Greg Beckley saved the life of a Simi Valley women from being hit by the Surfliner train after her vehicle flipped multiple...  Read More »

Associated Student members outside the Russell Senate Office Building in Washington D.C. Photo by Associated Student.

Associated Students returns from Washington D.C.

March 26, 2015

Last week, members of the Associated Students returned from the National Student Advocacy Conference in Washington D.C., where they met with lawmakers...  Read More »

Joel Justice talking to Moorpark College students about campus safety and the next steps campus police want to take. Photo credit: Agustin Garcia

Chief Joel Justice talks about campus safety

March 25, 2015

In 2013, Oxnard College had an active shooter on campus, but officers were able to find the suspect and take him into custody without any incident because...  Read More »

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Journalism Open House

Forensics team takes second at nationals

Forensics team takes second at nationals

Hope Leonard

This year's forensics team finished off their impressive season by placing second at the National Championships in Cleveland, Ohio on April 2-12. "Overall we took second in the country," said student Sophie Honeyman....  Read More »

April 16, 2015 • 0 comments

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Cody Tuttle makes his way down the field after catching a pass from Quarterback Zach Labar. This came after a Moorpark loss to rival Ventura in the 2014 season. Photo credit: Chase Oliver

Time to change professional sports collegiate rule is now

March 24, 2015

After high school, each person has to make a choice...  Read More »

Minley Abuyabor, 62, warms up before his running and exercise routine at a local park in Simi Valley. He specializes in physical training for boxing, which includes running, biking, skipping rope, and shadow boxing. Photo credit: Brian King

Old warrior battles ravages of time

March 18, 2015

When I started running in the 1980s, I concentrated...  Read More »

Mars exhibit at the Smithsonian. Colonization of Mars inevitably near. Photo credit: Jon Suarez

Mars mission leads humanity

March 16, 2015

Time machines, hover boards, and flying cars are only...  Read More »

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Dr. Caplan teaches students how to throw a boomerang

Dr. Caplan teaches students how to throw a boomerang

Tyler Irvin

A baseball, football, tennis ball and many others when thrown, kicked, or hit, will go forward and stop there. However, when you throw a boomerang, it has the potential...  Read More »

April 16, 2015 • 0 comments

Superheroes bring more to life

Superheroes bring more to life

Chase Oliver

Superheroes are those who inspire and impact the lives of the people who follow their journey, but that does not only apply to the comic book superheroes anymore, because...  Read More »

April 16, 2015 • 0 comments

Sharon Manakas talking about suicide prevention to a group of students. Manakas, and Dena Stevens presented ways that we can prevent suicide from happening to those suffering through it. Photo credit: Chase Oliver

Suicide prevention awareness can save lives

April 16, 2015

Cody Yoa getting make-up put on for the Zombie for a Day seminar. Yoa is looking forward to becoming a zombie as he said "I am excited [to] scare people." Photo credit: Chase Oliver

Zombies invade Moorpark

April 16, 2015

English professor Jeremy Kaye discusses the 13 virtues that Benjamin Franklin tied to live by. Photo credit: Jessica Frantzides

Benjamin Franklin to Kim Kardashian: Chaning icons of success in American Pop Culture

April 16, 2015

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