Introducing our new president: Luis Pablo Sanchez

Agustin Garcia

Luis Pablo Sanchez will be the new Moorpark College President. On Tuesday the Board of Trustees finalized their votes.“I am pleased Luis plans to join the District and lead Moorpark College," said...  Read More »

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Wage and benefits negotiations for faculty and classified underway

December 11, 2014

Negotiations about wages and benefits have open up, with classified staff asking to be treated equally with faculty, and faculty asking to  keep their...  Read More »

Former EATM student Cory Piwowarski and her nephew Landon are caught having fun at Arctic Lights on Sunday. Photo credit: Shaina Stitch

America’s Teaching Zoo gets in the holiday spirit

December 9, 2014

Over 10 tons of snow was delivered to America's Teaching Zoo over the weekend for their fourth annual fundraiser, 'Arctic Lights.'"All of the...  Read More »

Children play in the snow at the at a previous years' event.

Snow day at MC’s Teaching zoo

December 4, 2014

America’s Teaching Zoo will host it's seasonal event, "Arctic Lights" providing a chance for guests to play in real snow. The annual event,...  Read More »

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‘Will There Be an Elephant’ exhibit opens at Moorpark’s art gallery

‘Will There Be an Elephant’ exhibit opens at Moorpark’s art gallery

Saffana Hijaz

Long Beach-based, professional artist Jennifer Celio displays her art at Moorpark College’s Administration Building (A) next to the President’s office."I knew when I was a child that I wanted...  Read More »

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USC and UCLA have a common bond when it comes to academics but are fierce rivals when it comes to athletics. Photo credit: Matt Levine

USC vs UCLA: Battle of Los Angeles for collegiate athletic supremacy

December 8, 2014

Los Angeles has been blessed to be the home of many...  Read More »

Moorpark College graduates should consider internships and work experience related to their major or field to help build their resumes. A high percentage of employers perfer students with work experience according to a 2012 study. Courtesy of Dina Pielaet, VCCCD Marketing

Editor’s note: What employers prefer: Grades or experience?

November 20, 2014

Looking back to my high school years, if you asked...  Read More »

Turkey dinners are a very traditional part of the Thanksgiving holiday. These two are residing at a small local Oxnard ranch. Photo credit: Brian Varela

Opinion: The unvisited aftermath and controversy behind Thanksgiving

November 19, 2014

Thanksgiving Day has become a traditional part of American...  Read More »

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The Financial Aid Office offers workshops for transfer students

The Financial Aid Office offers workshops for transfer students

Brian Varela

Students can learn how financial aid follows them when transferring to a university, in a workshop offered every Wednesday. “We want to help students...  Read More »

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Student Voices: Back to Class Spring 2015

Student Voices: Back to Class Spring 2015

Students across campus talk about their hopes, and concerns for the upcoming 2015 spring semester at Moorpark College. Each student will explain what they expect for the new...  Read More »

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Every year, the Moorpark health fair offers a wide array of tips and methods students can use to stay active, healthy, and stress- free. Photo credit: Annette Leeds

Student Health Center offers help to lower pre-test anxiety

November 19, 2014

Delicious slow-cooked creamed corn, perfect for the holiday season. Photo credit: Jackie Stone

Easy and trendy gluten-free recipes in time for the holidays

November 18, 2014

Iranian born Moorpark College student Mojgan Shajarian diligently works on her sculpture of a live model for her sculpting class.

Iranian born Moorpark student overcomes oppression through artistic expression

November 18, 2014

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