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Internships provide students with an opportunity to try out a field and work environment before they commit to an education in that career. In addition, internships provide valuable on-the-job experience and can be included on resumes. Many internships require college credit, which Moorpark College students receive through the Career Transfer Center.

Check the Career Transfer Center for guidelines on how to register for internships offered through Moorpark College.

For more information on the Moorpark College Career Transfer Center, go to
Location: Career Transfer Center -Fountain Hall FH 110
Ph. (805) 378-1536; Fax (805) 378-146
Email: [email protected]

Companies that have sponsored Journalism Program student interns in the past or are currently providing internships, include:

Associated Press

AP selects interns for every summer to participate in a 12-week internship. AP has a location in LA. Interns are required to be a full time student. Applications open the fall of each year, and end around January of the following year. AP interns get to write stories, edit, take pictures, and how to produce videos.

For more information on the internship program at AP:
Associated Press Internships


Buzzfeed offers internships three times a year to students who want to pursue journalistic careers. They require that you join buzzfeed, and create a few posts to showcase your personality and creativity. Buzzfeed has an office in Hollywood. (Internships are unpaid)

Buzzfeed offers internships in –
● Social Media
● Post Production
● Video Editing
● Photography
● Design

For more information on how to find and apply to an internship at Buzzfeed, click the link below.
Buzzfeed Jobs/Internships


CBS Corporation has been doing internships for the last few years. Located in Studio City, they offer an array of positions that you could apply for. (Internships are unpaid)

CBS offers internships in –
● Photography
● Media Relations
● Sports and Games
● President’s Office
● Sales
● Directing
● Marketing
● Finance
● Entertainment Diversity

For more information on CBS internships:
CBS Internships

CBS Radio

At their Los Angeles and Van Nuys offices CBS Radio offers a few internships at their radio stations.

CBS Radio Offers Internships in –
● Digital Media
● Radio Broadcasting
● Promotions
● Sales
● Programming
For more information on CBS Radio internships:
CBS Radio Internships

Conan O’Brien Show

The Conan show is filmed and taped in Burbank, on Warner Bros. Studios. This production has interns in every department. Interns must be available three times a week. (This is an unpaid internship.)

Conan Offers internships in –

  • Casting
  • Clips and Clearance
  • Digital
  • Music
  • Production
  • Research
  • Talent


For more information and how to apply please visit:

Conan Show Internship Application



Disney has a wide variety of internships they offer every semester in their offices in Burbank, Glendale, Los Angeles and Anaheim. Disney requires that you work two-three days a week. (Internships are paid)

Disney offers internships in –
● Broadcast Journalism
● Public Relations
● Digital Media
● Advertising
● TV Animation
● Social Media
● Photography
● Web Design
● Talent Casting
● Post Production

For more information on Disney internships:
Disney Interns
Disney Internship Search


Fox offers internships in Television and Film related communities. They offer internships each semester. Fox Studios is located in Los Angeles. You are required to work a minimum of twenty hours a week. (Internships are paid)

Fox offers internships in –
● Acquisitions
● Advertising
● Business Development
● Casting
● Content Production
● Digital Media
● Graphic Design
● Journalism
● Marketing
● Media Relations
● Music (TV and Film)
● On-Air Promotions
● Publicity (TV and Film)
● Research (TV and Film)


For more information on where to find internship at Fox:
Fox Internships
Fox Internships Search

Fullscreen Network

Fullscreen is a YoutTube network that helps get YouTube creators branch out and gain a new audience online. If YouTube is something of interest, their internships are meant for you. Fullscreen is located in Santa Monica. (Internships are unpaid)
Fullscreen offers internships in –
● Business Development
● Content Creator
● PR
● Graphic Design
● Social Media
● Video Production
● Channel Management
● Talent

For more information on Fullscreen and their internships:
Fullscreen homepage
Fullscreen Internships

Hopeless Records

Hopeless Records is an independent alternative rock record label based in Van Nuys. They offer a few internships that can lead you into the underground music industry. You need to at least come in twice a week. (Internships are unpaid)

Hopeless Records offers internships in –
● Creative
● Marketing
● Sales and Business

To find more information on Hopeless Records and where to apply, please see the following link:
Hopeless Records Internships


iHeartRadio is the leading Radio Station in the nation. They offer internships three times a year, and are located in Burbank and Sherman Oaks. It would a wonderful experience getting to see the behind the scenes of the radio and music industry. (Internships are unpaid)

iHeartRadio offers internships in –
● Marketing
● Promotions
● Sports
● Digital Media

For more information and how to apply for iHeartRadio internships:
iHeartMedia Internships
iHeartRadio Internship Search


LA Times is one of the most credible newspapers in the country, an internship with them would a gateway straight into the journalism world. They offer internships during the summer generally. The LA Times is located in Los Angeles. (Internships are paid)

LA Times offers internships in –
● Reporting
● Visual Journalism
● Data
● Summer Desk
● Digital Product Team

For more information on the LA Times Internship program:
LA Times Internships


LiveNation is the number one concert ticketing agency in the United States. LN has several internship opportunities for students to get hands on experience in ticket promotions. LN is located in Los Angeles and requires interns to work a minimum of twenty hours a week. (Internships are unpaid)

LiveNation offers internships in –
● VP Operations
● Analytics
● Marketing
● Sponsorship
● Production

More information on LiveNation internships:
LiveNation Internships


NBC offers several long time internships in dedicated to TV and Online media. Their internships require that you have a minimum of thirty units in order to apply. NBCUniversal is based in Universal City. (Internships are paid).

NBC offers internship in –
● Marketing
● PR
● News
● News Editorial
● Video Editing
● Studio Operations

● Sports
● Ad Sales
● Finance
● Celeb Entertainment
● Broadcast Operations
● Film
● Parks and Recreational
● Internet Technology

For more information on NBCUniversal internships and where to apply, click:
NBC Universal Careers Site
NBCUniversal Internship Program


NPR has one of the most successful radio broadcasting companies in the United States. Interns are expected to be full time/forty hours a week, or work part time/twenty hours a week. NPR’s West Coast office is located in Culver City. (Internships are paid)

NPR offers internships in –
● Morning Desk
● National Desk

For more information on NPR internships:
NPR Internships

Sony Music Group

Sony Music Group offers a wide variety of internships that will introduce you to the music industry. SMG requires that you come in at least twice a week. They are located in Beverly Hills, CA. (Internships are unpaid)

SMG offers internships in –
● Artist Relations
● Digital Business
● Online Production
● Publicity
● Radio Promotion
● Marketing
● Sync Licensing
● TV/Film Soundtracks
● TV Production

For more information on Sony Music Group internship and where to apply:
Sony Music Group Careers
Sony Music Group Internship Search

Time Warner Cable

TWC is one of the nation’s leading cable providers; they have careers in not only in HBO and Warner Brothers Pictures. TMC is located in Burbank and in Los Angeles. (Internships are paid)

TMC offers interns in-
● Films
● Research
● Programming
● Production
● Social Media

To find more information Time Warner Cable internships, check:
Time Warner Internships

Warner Music Group

Warner Music Group offers several internships each semester. If you want to explore the music industry, and work a label someday, working at WMG could help you out. They require that you come to work at a minimum of twice a week, for fifteen hours minimum. WMG is located in Burbank. (Internships are unpaid)

WMG offers internships in –
● Artist Relations
● Digital Media
● Licensing
● Marketing
● Publicity
● Promotions

For more information on Warner Music Group and where to apply:
WMG Culture
Warner Music Group Internships

And if you are still stumped on trying to find an internship, here are several databases to scroll through.

Other ways to find internships are by signing up for Job related websites and doing your own search.

Internship Databases:


Work in Sports