Ballot error in ASMC elections leads to re-vote on some positions

By Ashton Blatz

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Due to an electronic error in the ballot system for the Associated Students of Moorpark College elections, a run-off election will take place on April 23.

The error affected the data collection on four of the positions available for election this semester: Vice President, Director of External Affairs, Director of Public Relations and Director of Student Organizations. On April 23 a pop-up ballot will appear on MyVCCCD and students will be prompted to re-vote on the positions that were affected by the error.

The new ASMC President, Wyatt Endres, was uncontested in the election and his position was unaffected by the error. He is excited to be taking on his new position.

“After working in the [Associated Students] office as a student worker, I’ve slowly come to appreciate all the work the ASMC board does for the Moorpark community,” Endres said. “This sense of community is, in my opinion, the most important thing an individual has and if I can somehow help to improve that sense of community for the student population, then I would be very happy.”

Results of the run-off election and the positions that were unaffected by the error will both be posted at 8 p.m. on April 23.

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