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‘You must fail before you can succeed.’ Women’s soccer coach shares his mentality ahead of the conference games

Kayla Hernandez with Korryn Henderson on the field.

Kayla Hernandez with Korryn Henderson on the field.

Kayla Hernandez with Korryn Henderson on the field.

By Luis Miron

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Despite losing their last preseason game to LA Pierce College Friday evening 4-1 at home, Coach Martinez and the women’s soccer team are aware of the issues they must work on.

Coach Martinez shared some of his concerns after the game against Pierce College, speaking on issues that the team would work on during the weekend to prepare for their first conference game at home.

“We will keep working on game play, developing from the back and playing as a group,” said Martinez. “The outcomes will come as soon as they understand that you win as a group and not as individuals.”


Concerns can be seen on the players about the shaky preseason. Photo credit: Conrad De Santiago

Sophomore captain Kayla Hernandez and freshman captain Megan Chandler are well aware of the issues brought up by Coach Martinez and are hoping the team will come together and bring a positive energy ahead of their conference games.

“We need more positive energy, we need to start playing for each other which is our biggest problem,” said Hernandez.

Trouble in the back.jpeg

Raiders Women's soccer team still struggles with having a solid defense. Photo credit: Conrad De Santiago

Having both captains and Coach Martinez on the same page with what the team must work on for a successful conference season, brings hope to the Raiders women’s soccer team.

But the real question is will they be able to execute them on time?

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