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Come Celebrate America’s Constitution at Moorpark College

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Come Celebrate America’s Constitution at Moorpark College

"President Sanchez finishes his speech on the Constitution." Photo credit: James Schaap

"President Sanchez finishes his speech on the Constitution." Photo credit: James Schaap

"President Sanchez finishes his speech on the Constitution." Photo credit: James Schaap

By Ulises Koyoc

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Constitution Day is an event that honors the ratification of America’s Constitution, which took place over 230 years ago. Moorpark College aims to educate students about the significant rights that the U.S. Constitution grants every citizen.

The event will allow students the opportunity to exercise their First Amendment rights with 3-minute rounds onstage to express their minds. Students will also be able to register to vote as congressional elections and midterm elections approach. Free small Constitution booklets will be at the disposal of all those who attend as well.

Moorpark College President, Luis Sanchez, is an enthusiast about Constitution Day and a strong believer that in today’s world it is crucial for everyone, especially young people, to understand the immense power that America’s Constitution holds.

“I think students should have a deeper appreciation of the Constitution,” said Sanchez. “Awareness is more important today than ever to not be stuck in one’s own bubble.”

President Sanchez also spoke about DACA students, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, who attend Moorpark College. He insisted that they show up for Constitution Day because although they are undocumented, they should still receive the same Constitutional rights. Moorpark College stands by DACA students by providing a safe educational environment for undocumented students. The “Dreamers” program, administered by Student Services, does so by actively educating its college resources and disciplining the campus community of the “undocumented experience” according to the school’s website.

“DACA students are also linked to this Constitution of America,” said Sanchez. “They should be welcomed and treated the same as every other citizen in this country.”

Constitution Day is an important event that Moorpark College hosts every year and it’s understandable why its been done countless times. America’s Constitution is one-of-a-kind and sometimes we forget the blessing that it is. At the end of the event there will be free ice-cream handed out, but also at the end of the event, all those who attend will have appreciated America’s Constitution a little more.

The annual celebration of Constitution Day at Moorpark College is right around the corner, taking place on Monday, Sept. 17, 2018 on the Campus Quad from 11 A.M. to 1 P.M.

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