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Lux Pacifica presents art works for the first time at MC Student Art Gallery

One of Lux Pacifica's paintings from the Body series. Photo credit: Zoe Miller

One of Lux Pacifica's paintings from the Body series. Photo credit: Zoe Miller

One of Lux Pacifica's paintings from the Body series. Photo credit: Zoe Miller

By Briana Barajas

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A student artist will present art works inspired by physical imperfections at the Student Art Gallery from March 1 to 9.

Zoe Miller, 21-year-old art major, will feature art works that shine a light on the often hidden parts of women’s bodies that are seen by society as ugly and imperfect.

“[Imperfections] are what make everyone different,” Miller said. “What is seen as wrong and imperfect is what makes everyone stand out and special.”

Miller will be featured for the first time in a solo exhibit in the Student Art Gallery from March 1 to 9. Her pseudonym Lux Pacifica, meaning pacific light, represents her connection to the Pacific Ocean and California while also distinguishing herself from other artists. The name, however, is fitting for the subject matter that she chooses to paint. In her most prominent work, she strives to show how physical imperfections are in fact beautiful.

Miller is taking an art class taught by Erika Lizee titled, “Gallery Practices and Portfolio,” in which each student has the opportunity to put together their own show.

The title of her collection Haze (to be known) represents the diversity of work that will be featured in the exhibit. She brings together natural and abstract works with her figurative paintings under the central theme of vulnerability and the desire to be guarded.

“I wanted to juxtapose haze and not seeing with seeing and being known.” Miller said.

Inspired by Van Gogh, Miller aims to evoke certain feelings through her painting technique.

“I love how he uses brush strokes really loosely,” Miller said. “When you look at [his painting of a flower] you don’t just see a flower, you get the feeling that he was feeling while looking at that flower.”

One can sense a deep care and appreciation for her subjects through her use of extraordinary detail and illusions of light. Miller says that she struggles with insecurities and vulnerability and uses art to help her through it.

“Part of what I’m trying to do is to get myself there with my art and reassure myself along the way, and hopefully other people too,” Miller said.

Diet culture, unrealistic expectations of beauty, and the desire to look perfect are constantly projected on women through pop culture and media. These issues serve as inspiration for most of Miller’s work.

“I know a woman who joked about breaking her own nose in order to get plastic surgery to make it a different shape,” she wrote in her artist statement.

This damaging stigma of physical “flaws” compelled Miller to convince herself and others that imperfections are beautiful because they make us unique.

“Imperfections are beautiful; they can be artistic and wonderful,” Miller said. “Vulnerability is scary, but good and beautiful.”

There will be an artist reception with food and drinks on Friday, March 2 at 7 p.m. in the Student Art Gallery. The exhibit will be open from March 1 to 9. The Student Art Gallery is located in the Applied Arts Building, Room 141. Gallery hours are Monday-Friday 9 a.m. 7 p.m.

For more of Lux Pacifica, visit her website She can also be found on social media as @luxpacifica.

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