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Moorpark College grad finds success doing music

Austin Myles Grant in the studio in 2017. He sits on a stool playing an electric guitar. Photo credit: Soledad and Antsise of Solant

Austin Myles Grant in the studio in 2017. He sits on a stool playing an electric guitar. Photo credit: Soledad and Antsise of Solant

Soledad and Antsise of Solant

Soledad and Antsise of Solant

Austin Myles Grant in the studio in 2017. He sits on a stool playing an electric guitar. Photo credit: Soledad and Antsise of Solant

Ian Cohen

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Upon being accepted into the Moorpark College applied music program in 2006, Austin Myles Grant immersed himself into the world of classical guitar. He had been playing guitar and doing music from a young age while living in Newbury Park Calif., but the Moorpark music instructors helped elevate his guitar playing to dramatic new heights.

Grant learned discipline, and thrived in the program, spending countless hours working to master complex guitar compositions, such as Tarrega’s “Recuerdos.” Grant got so good that, in 2008, he was only a handful of students worldwide to be accepted into the prestigious classical guitar program at Pepperdine University. His instructor was world-renowned classical guitar virtuoso Christopher Parkening.

Grant explained that being accepted into the Moorpark music program was a major turning point in his musical development.

“The Moorpark program was so huge because I hadn’t studied really any guitar – as soon as we started digging into studying classical guitar, I just loved it!” Grant said. “I attribute a lot of what I can do to that program.”

Austin Myles Grant is a professional classical guitarist, songwriter, and music producer, with roots as a student in the Moorpark College music program. He is proof that if a person works tirelessly to achieve a goal, then the effort results in a high level of proficiency, and may even lead to a career.


Christopher Parkening, a critically acclaimed two-time Grammy nominated classical guitar master and distinguished professor of music and chair of the guitar department at Pepperdine University, trained Grant while he was in the elite classical guitar program at Pepperdine. Parkening said that Grant was studious, skilled, and a joy to teach.

“I remember Austin as an outstanding student who always came prepared for our lessons and played excellent recitals,” Parkening said. “He was a pleasure to teach.”

Ronald Borczon, a classical guitar instructor and music professor at Moorpark College and CSUN, said that Grant was adept and dedicated to his craft.

“Austin was a talented and hard working student,” said Borczon. “He was passionate about making good music and also performing.”

Aliyar Kinik, the drummer for the GOJJJ Modern Paris Symphony, expressed admiration for Grant’s ability to seamlessly fuse multiple styles from different time periods, to create a signature sound all his own.

“He has his own kind of style…he likes the new stuff, which is taken from the old generations, and I can totally see that he flips it around and makes it into his own style,” Kinik said. “It just makes him special.”


Taso Comanescu, an acclaimed classical guitarist, recording artist, and composer, recalled a pivotal moment when he and Grant were invited to tour with superstar opera singer Charles Castronovo.

“Charles Castronovo ended up hiring us to put an Italian folk band together and arrange around 25 songs for a performance that September – it was surreal!” Comanescu said. “I couldn’t believe how quickly our lives changed!”


Grant is currently producing a solo record of his original songs, scheduled for release at the end of 2017.

Comanescu described Grant’s original music and forthcoming solo record.

“His music is an extension of his personality: Groovy, relaxed and beautiful…it is the definition of vibe!” Comanescu said. “I love it, and am excited for his upcoming solo release.”


Grant said he is focusing his efforts on writing and producing more original songs and records, as well as performing the songs.

“I just want to make more records, that’s pretty much all that’s on my mind,” Grant said. “And performing them so that people can get their ears on it – but really just keep making some music, and just recording music…I just love it.”


For more information on Austin Myles Grant and his upcoming record release, please follow him on @austin_myles_grant

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