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Grads leave ceremony teary-eyed, hopeful

Near the end of the ceremony, a graduating student wipes tears from her eyes as she approaches the podium. Photo credit: James Schaap

Near the end of the ceremony, a graduating student wipes tears from her eyes as she approaches the podium. Photo credit: James Schaap

Near the end of the ceremony, a graduating student wipes tears from her eyes as she approaches the podium. Photo credit: James Schaap

Cole Carlson

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Moorpark College welcomed one of the largest graduating classes in its history on May 22, according to Sharon Miller, student activities specialist.

The Campus Quad was completely filled as hundreds of students and their families gathered to welcome the class of 2017. Before the ceremony, the graduates lined up along the side of the technology building, waiting to walk.

“It’s kind of scary, and It’s kind of sad to say goodbye, but I’m excited,” said Marina Simms, english major.

While many graduating students plan to go straight into the workforce, a larger number are planning on transferring to a four year university. For many like Simms, that means considering nearby options like California State University, Channel Islands.

Simms wasn’t alone in feeling nervous about moving on to a four year university. Many of the graduates felt uneasy when talking about transferring or getting a job after college.

“It’s weird, because I’ve been here for so long, It’s kind of weird in the fact that I can’t disassociate myself from this place yet,” said Chloe Condelman, english and history major.

However, some of the other graduates did not have second thoughts about leaving Moorpark College.

“I liked it here, I liked all my teachers, but I’m definitely glad not to have to go to school anymore,” said Miles Milter, general studies major. “I’m glad to take a break from school.”

“Looking forward to the most? Getting out. It’s been four years, I’m done,” said Tim Ta, radiologic technology major.

Regardless of their plans after attending Moorpark, most students seemed eager to finally get a change of scenery. Some of the staff, however, urged the students not to forget the memories and lessons they gathered during their time here.

“We’d like you to know that we think, as faculty, that we have the best jobs in the world, being here for you at Moorpark College,” said Nenagh Brown, history department instructor and academic senate president. “This is a relationship that is an amazing one to be in, a privileged one for us, so thank you for helping our dreams come true.”

One of the keynote speakers, professor of counseling Danita Redd, encouraged the graduating class to believe in the power of hope as she addressed the crowd.

“Rebellions are built on hope,” said Redd. “Realize that your teachers sitting to my left, and all of us on this plot did what we did to help educate you because guess what – all of you, you are our hope.”

Redd followed up her comments with three quotes for the class of 2017:

“Quote number one: ‘stay positive and happy. Work hard, and don’t give up hope.’ – Tina Desai, East Indian actress. ‘We have always held onto the hope, the belief, the conviction, that there is a better life, a better world beyond the horizon.’ That second quote is from Franklin D. Roosevelt. My third quote is from the Star Trek universe. ‘Let’s see what’s out there.’ You don’t know all that’s out there, you don’t know all that’s to come your way, bad, good, when, where, you don’t know. What you do know is hope. Always live your life with hope,” said Redd.

Brown finished up the speeches with a few words of advice, and “one more request.”

“Now you can dismiss us from your lives, but, before you go, we have the final request for you, this is it: Please don’t stop dreaming,” said Brown. “Don’t stop dreaming for yourselves, and don’t stop dreaming for others in this world. And please, don’t stop making your dreams come true.”

Photo credit: James Schaap
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  1. Josue"Joshua"Ruiz on May 23rd, 2017 3 p.05.

    As my elected term is ending as a VCCCD Student Trustee. For the Academic Year 2016-2017 it was an honor precipitate and attend all three Oxnard, Moorpark, Ventura, College graduations. Also after following Moorpark graduation attending Moorpark nursing pinning ceremony for all nurses. That have graduated and are going to be serving us or our loved ones well being successful as nurses for our communities. At Ventura College I also attended the veteran ceremony they had four the veterans at Ventura College following the Ventura College graduation. As a college return student, having the honor to be elected and serve 50,000 students. Also thank all my board members. All three CEOs from our community colleges, Faculty staff, Academic Senate, and all professors on campuses. I would like to send out special things for my professor that helped me with my elective platform WRIT Dr.DeVries and a to all VCCCD students a special thanks .From the bottom of my heart for having faith, trust for my persona as your student trustee . “Remember it’s not what the college could do for you but what can you do for your college while you’re attending”
    I wish all the graduates the best..


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