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New year, new club, new laws

The establishment of the Law Club on campus will take place in the Fall 2017 semester, for students who may be interested. Graphic by Eric Caldwell Photo credit: Eric Caldwell

The establishment of the Law Club on campus will take place in the Fall 2017 semester, for students who may be interested. Graphic by Eric Caldwell Photo credit: Eric Caldwell

By Mary Altshuller

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Moorpark College will offer a law club starting in fall 2017 with the intent of helping students, especially first year students, to understand constitutional law.

Moorpark College President Luis Sanchez, a former attorney, supports the idea to establish a law club for students who might be interested, and to teach them about the facets of law.

“We feel it’s important for these students to understand constitutional law because many of them do not have a good grasp of this area of the law,” said Sanchez.

Leah Senky, a 19-year-old Criminal Justice major, expressed her interest in the forming of this law club.

“It helps those who want to start a career in law, or go to law school and pursue a career,” said Senky. “The school also gives you a basis on what you could do later on, and this looks good on a resume.”

According to Sharon Miller, MC’s Associated Students Advisor, there is a process, to starting a club or student organization and becoming officially recognized.

This authority is vested with the A.S. Board of Directors. Mersedeh Kolyaei, who serves on Moorpark College’s board of directors, and is the representative and liaison for the student government, specifically handles these. After which, the student government will officially recognize these organizations.

In addition, Sanchez will be working with a faculty member to establish the law club. Chad Basile, Criminal Justice professor, has teamed up with Sanchez in hopes of fostering an interest in students to consider a career in law.

“This club gives people an idea of what a career in law would really be,” said Basile. “Not necessarily going to law school and being a judge or an attorney, or going into law enforcement.”

Sanchez said that they’ll mainly show movies with a law theme and will discuss the legal issues presented. Two examples would be “Erin Brockovich” and “A Civil Action”, both having to do with environmental law. Furthermore, “To Kill a Mockingbird” as well as “Twelve Angry Men” would cover murder.

Sanchez stated that they’ll probably hold the meetings on Monday, once a month, around noon. He said he may offer an introduction to law course for students interested in pursuing legal degrees.

“We are creating a chance for students to earn a certificate in achievement in the law,” Basile said. “We want to help steer and make recommendations for students. The best ideas come from the students.”

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  1. Josue"Joshua"Ruiz on February 6th, 2017 3 p.02.

    I am very excited to hear this news. Also that the college President, campus professors,and students are working with the associated student organization. This is a great example for all CA 113 community colleges a great way to support the SSSP model for all campuses.

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