Forum to discuss traffic issues in the Oxnard community

By Rob Ortega

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Oxnard College’s traffic problem may soon be remedied. Oxnard College’s President’s Forum of the academic year will be held Oct. 30 on campus.

The main focus of this forum will be a traffic initiative called Measure V, which would require intersections to be fixed before further city development. Many of the community’s concerns, ideas, alternate plans, or possible consequences will be addressed. Traffic problems have been an issue in Oxnard as a result of growth and developments for more than 15 years.

The event welcomes students and will take place from 2:30p.m. to 4:30p.m. in the Letters and Science building, room LS 8 at Oxnard College. No parking permits are required and refreshments will be served.

The forum will consist of three panelists, each presenting their stance and argument on the subject of the initiative. Panelist William Terry of Citizens for Responsible Traffic Planning is in favor of the Traffic Initiative. Tom Cady of Citizens for a Safe and Prosperous Oxnard is against it and Oxnard City Manager Ed Sotelo will be presenting Alternative B, touching on growth and development of the city. Regulating the forum as Moderator will be Oxnard College’s Health Center Coordinator, Mary Jones.

After each panelist has made their presentation the audience will have 45 minutes to raise concerns or ask questions to any of the proposals.

“Our main purpose is a way to respond to this (traffic) issue,” said Terry.

Vilma Contreras of Special Project says organizers want to have community members involved thinking on the issues at hand, while also giving those attending the feeling of a strong, informative discussion.

“We want to increase awareness,” said Contreras.

The forum was first introduced last year in effort to touch on critical issues of the community. The naming of “President’s Forum” comes from the initially proposed idea by Oxnard College President Dr. Richard Duran.

The Forum will be open to all students, staff, faculty, administrators and community groups interested. Those attending will have the opportunity to hear from those that developed the traffic initiative as well as from those that are leading a campaign against the plan as well as the alternative.

For further information contact Vilma Contreras at 805-986-5800 ext. 1960.

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