ASG Live! hosts County Supervisor candidates

5th District Johns battle it out

By Jeremy Zeller

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Oxnard College hosted a debate on Monday for the two candidates vying for a seat on the Ventura County Board of Supervisors from the 5th district, which includes Oxnard.

ASG Live, a forum held by the student government at OC, had incumbent John Flynn and Oxnard city councilman John Zaragoza answered questions from the audience. Questions were brought up concerning issues important to the college and the surrounding community, including the sewer system, water, and the environment.

“Oxnard College is very vibrant today,” said Flynn. “It’s improving and it needs to continue.”
Students, seniors, the environment, traffic and the homeless were some of the issues brought up in the debate.”How do we become leaders in our carbon-footprint reduction,” said Zaragoza. “We need to educate our young people to take over as our leaders.”

The debate was moderated by campus nurse Mary Jones. Audience members were given index cards and were asked to put down their questions. Then, Jones interpreted them into unbiased questions for each candidate.

The debate was opened by ASG President Diana Garcia, who thanked all the students and community members for attending.

“We wanted to inform the students of the different positions and so students know who to vote for,” said Garcia. “Hosting something like this helps everyone to learn more.”

Both candidates were given four minutes to give an opening statement, and then two minutes for each question. Jones had to interrupt a few times because candidates were going long, and then after 10 questions, the candidates had a three minute closing statement.

Both candidates expressed the importance of education, and what kind of jobs they can get after college.

“The county of Ventura employs a lot of people,” said Flynn. “We need the people that have the license that Oxnard College provides.”

“It’s time for a new look,” said Zaragoza. “The county jobs are provided for you. We need good students and you are here.”

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