OC Speakers Series to clarify presidential platforms

By Christina Mason

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It’s easy to become confused when trying to stay informed with politics. A voter could be trying to remain so but might get lost in the muck without too much digging. Should the candidate be trusted? Their opponent? This channel’s news or that channel’s news? Should the internet be used?

The entire process can leave the voter feeling disillusioned.

Fortunately for the confused, bewildered or just interested, the Oxnard College Speakers Series is hosting a speech given by Professors Gloria Guevara and Carolyn Dorrance to help clarify both Barack Obama and John McCain’s presidential platforms and the potential impact each would have on the future of our nation.

English Professor Shelley Savren, the series coordinator, said it’s important for students and attendees to remember that “this is not a debate.”

Professors Guevara and Dorrance will simply present the ideas and policies of the presidential candidates in a clear and objective manner with the purpose of helping people remain informed and up to date.

The event will be presented on Oct. 22 and is completely free for all those in attendance. The Oxnard College staff encourages not only students but faculty, administration and other members of the community at large to attend. Any visitors can park for free in lots A and B at Bard Road and South Campus Road.

To receive directions, a flier or any other information on the event, please contact Shelley Savren at [email protected] or call (805) 986-5800 ext. 1951.

Be prepared to finally see through the muck.

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